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Moisture & Humidity Test

Moisture & Humidity Test

Moisture & Humidity Control and Testing in Metro Detroit and Surrounding Areas

A wet basement is the perfect environment for dust mites, bugs or other creatures to thrive and mold to grow unchecked. These factors pose a serious risk to the air quality in your home and potentially to you and your family’s health.

Dust mite droppings and mold spore can impact air quality in your living space and trigger various allergies and respiratory problems. Keeping your basement free of moisture is also the best way to keep your family safe from unsanitary air conditions and associated health issues.

Mold Growth in Your Basement or Crawl Space Is a Direct Result of Moisture and High Humidity

Mold cannot spread when relative humidity levels stay below 50%. Quality dehumidifiers such as WiseAire provide the proper protection from mold and any other problems associated with excessive moisture.

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