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Cause of Basement Leaks

Cause of Basement Leak

Cause of Basement Leaks in Metro Detroit and Surrounding Areas

Among the many reasons for a leaky basement, some of the most common are wall & floor leaks, water infiltration due to hydrostatic pressure, excavation and backfilling or a clogged drainage system. Properly waterproofing a basement is a process that requires consideration of several possible factors.


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Wall & Floor Leaks in Metro Detroit Foundations

Hydrostatic pressure is commonly a cause for wall and floor leaks in the basement. Water that accumulates and oversaturates the soil around your home can exert immense pressure on your foundation walls, causing any cracks or weak spots in its structure to start leaking. Moisture in your basement eventually leads to mold growth and a series of other problems.

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Clogged Drainage System

Footing drains can become clogged when small rocks, dirt and other tiny particles carried by rainwater begin to accumulate inside the pipes, completely blocking the drainage system over time. Water that has nowhere to go due to the blockage will gradually seep into the basement.

Footing Drain Installation by Metro Detroit Sump Pump Geeks

Installing a footing drain involves digging the soil around the basement to make room for the drain and then refilling it once it is in place. Since the excavated soil is less tightly packed than untouched soil, it absorbs more water when rain falls, expanding and pushing all this water against your foundation walls. It is only a matter of time until water finds a way into your basement. 

Count on Metro Detroit Sump Pump Geeks for a Solution to Your Basement Leak

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