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Remote Waterproofing Monitoring System

iBasement™ Technology now available in Metro Detroit and Surrounding Areas

The iBasement™ system is the smart technology that helps you protect your basement from water and keep an eye on your waterproofing system status by sending you alerts whenever there is any indication of a problem. That way, you can always be one step ahead and call in the pros before any damage is done.

iBasement™ Reduces The Odds of Basement Flooding

iBasement™ is an original and smart solution that helps monitoring and protecting your sump pump. If its sensors detect any issues, it sends alerts through its interface so you can always be aware when something’s wrong and take action before disaster strikes.

Security and Peace-of-Mind for Homeowners in Metro Detroit and Surrounding Areas

iBasement technology provides year-round monitoring for your waterproofing system so you won’t ever need to worry about water damage to your basement again, even when you’re away from home. It is a game-changer for customers who own vacation or rental properties with flood-prone basements.