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Basement Dehumidification

Basement Dehumidifiers Installed in Metro Detroit and Surrounding Areas

To keep your home free of mold and dust mites, it’s important to keep relative humidity levels in check. Basements are the most vulnerable to the problems that come with elevated moisture and can become the perfect environment for mold growth and dust mites to develop, contributing to air quality deterioration in the rest of your home.

The best way to avoid high relative humidity levels is with a high quality dehumidifier such as those in the WiseAire line of products, designed by Grate Products and proudly provided to homeowners by your local Sump Pump Geeks!


State-Of-The-Art Dehumidifiers for Clean & Dry Air

Air in your basement flows up to your living spaces, which means that what affects the health of your basement might affect yours too.

WiseAire is a powerful dehumidifier that helps you control relative humidity levels and ensure air quality in your home. Low humidity and clean air means no more worries about mold, dry rot, unpleasant odors, damage to your belongings or health risks to your family.

Count on Sump Pump Geeks for a Cleaner, Drier & Healthier Home

Call the Sump Pump Geeks today for superior quality basement protection services. We provide and install only the best when it comes to dehumidifiers and waterproofing equipment.