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Basement & Foundations

Basement & Foundations

Basement & Foundation Repair & Moisture Control in Metro Detroit and Surrounding Areas

Foundation cracks and seepage will likely lead to more serious problems in your home if left unchecked. The Sump Pump Geeks team has extensive experience in dealing with issues of this type and is ready to provide you with quick and effective solutions! Our technicians are highly trained and certified to take care of any damage affecting your basement or crawl space.

Wall Leaks in Metro Detroit and Surrounding Areas

When the soil surrouding your foundation is oversaturated with water, it expands and exerts immense pressure on your walls. Hydrostatic pressure causes water to seep through cracks, joints or any other weak points created by this process, resulting in leaks in your basement.


Water in the basement allows more serious problems to develop, such as mold growth or structural deterioration, affecting the safety and health of your family and home.

Comprehensive Inspection & Repair in Metro Detroit and Surrounding Areas

Sump Pump Geeks is a company that specializes in solving basement problems. Our experts undergo extensive training and certification tests, enabling them to provide efficient and thorough inspections to quickly identify and correct any possible issues before they compromise your home.

Basement & Foundation Repair & Moisture Control in Metro Detroit and Surrounding Areas

Basements, being naturally darker and more humid places, are perfect spots for mold to grow. If you’re currently dealing with water in your basement, there’s a high probability that mold infestation has already set in. 


The Sump Pump Geeks can help by providing excellent moisture control solutions and services that will protect your home and family from all the harmful effects of mold growth and other problems brought on by high humidity. 

Rely on The Sump Pump Geeks for Your Basement & Foundation

Water intrusion will never be a problem again when your basement is properly secured by the Sump Pump Geeks. We offer comprehensive inspection, installation and repair services that are efficient and reliable. The safety and health of your home and loved ones is guaranteed with the Sump Pump Geeks, so call us today!